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                          The Constitution and By Law
                   of Gateway Ministries Baptist Church
                       GATEWAY MINISTRIES CHURCH
     The  purpose of this church is  to  fulfill  The Great Commission
of  Jesus Christ, accordin  to  Matthew  28:18-20.  To  provide an
atmosphere and place that the  people of  God may  worship God
the  Father, the  Lord Jesus Christ  and the  Holy Spirit.  To teach
and train the people of God for the work of the Great Commision.

  A person may become a member of Gateway Baptist Church by:

1. Confession  of  faith  in  Jesus Christ  as  Saviour  and  Lord; by
following him in  baptism  by immersion;  and  desiring  under  the
leadership of the  Holy spirit membership of said church; knowing
he   has    had   a    geniune    born   again    experience;   by   the
regenerating  work  of the  Holy Spirit, and  making confession of

2. A  person may  come by  statement  of  faith;  if the  church to
which they are a member is no longer in existence.

3. A person may come by letter form another church of like faith. 

                               CHURCH COVENANT
     Having been led, as we beliece by the Spirit of God, to receive
the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and , on the profession of our
faith, having been  baptized in the  name  of the  Father, and the
Son,  and of the  Holy Spirit, we do now, in the  presence of  God,
and this assembly, most solmnly and joyfully  enter into covenant
with one  another as one  body in  Christ.  We engage, therefore,
by the  aid of the  Holy Spirit  to walk  together  in  Christian love;
to  strive  for the  advancement  of this  church, in  knowledge, in
holiness, and  comfort; to  promote its  prosperity and spirituality;
to  sustain its  worship,  ordinances,  diseipline, and  doctrines; to
contribute  cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry,
the  expenses  of  the  church,  the  relief  of  the  poor,  and  the
spread of the gospel through all nations.
     We  also  engage  to  maintain   family  and  secret  devotions;
to religiously  educate  our  children;  to seek the  salvation of our
kindred  and  acquaintances; to walk circumspectly in  the  world;
to  be  just  in  our   dealings,  faithful  in  our  engagements,  and
exemplary  in our  deportment; to  avoid  all  tattling,  backbiting,
and  excessive  anger;  to  abstain  from the  sale of,  and use of,
destructive  drugs of intoxicating  drinks as a  beverage;  to shun
pornography;  to   be   zealous  in  our   efforts   to   advance  the
kingdom of our Savior.
     We   moreover   engage   to    watch    over   one   another   in
brotherly  love, to  remember  one another in  prayer; to  aid one
another in  sickness and distress;  to cultivate Christian sympathy
in  felling and   Christian  courtesy  in  speech;  to be  slow to take
offense, but  always  ready  for  reconciliation  and mindful of the
rules of our Savior to secure it without delay.
     We   moreover   engage   that  when   we  remove  from   this
place we  will, as  soon as possible, unite with some other church
where  we   cancarry  out  the   spirit  of   this   covenant  and the
principles of God's word.

                            ARTUCLES OF FAITH
                               I The Scriptures
     The Holy Bible was written by  men divinely inspired and is the
record  of  God's  revelation  of  himself  to  man.  It  is a  prefect
treasure  of   devine   instruction.    It   has   God   for  its  author,
salvation for its end, and truth, without any  mixture of error, for
its matter.  It reveals the  principles by which  God judges us; and
therefore is, and  will  remain  to the  end  of the  world, the  true
center of Christian union, and the supreme  standard by which all
human  conduct,  creeds, and  religious  opinions  should  be tried.
The  criterion  by  which the   Bible is  to  be  interpreted  is  Jesus
     Found in Ex. 24:4;      Deut. 4:1-2; Josh. 8:34;     Psalm 9:7-10,
119:11,  119:69,  119:105, 119:140;   Isa. 34:16;    Jer. 15:16,36;
Matt. 5:17-18,     22:29;      Luke 21:33,    24:44-46;      John 5:39,
16:13-15,   17:17;      Acts 2:16,  17:11;      Rom. 15:4,   16:25-26;
2 Tim. 3:15-17;  Heb. 1:1-2, 4:12;  1 Peter 1:25;  2 Peter 1:19-21
                                        II God
     There  is  one  and only  one  living  and   true  God.   He  is  an
intelligent, spiritual, and personal Being, the Creator, Redeemer,
Preserver, and  ruler of the  universe.   God is  infinite in holiness
and  all  other  perfections.    To  him  we  owe the  highest  love,
reverence, and  obedience.   The eternal   God reveals himself to
us  as    Father,    Son,  and    Holy Spirit,  with    distinct  personal
attributes,  but  without  division  of  nature,  essence, or being.
                               A. God the Father
     God as father reigns with  providential care over his universe,
his  creatures,  and  the  flow  of  the  stream  of  human  history
according to the  purposes  of  his  grace.   He is all  powerful, all
lovin,and all  wise.   God is   Father in truth to those who become
children  of   God  through   faith  in   Jesus thrist.  He  is  fatherly
in his attitude towad all men.
     Found in   Gen. 1:1,  2:7;    Ex. 3:2-3, 3:6,  3:14,  15:11,  20:1;
Lev. 22:2;   Deut. 6:4, 6:6, 6:32;   1 Chron. 29:10;   Psalm 19:1-3. 
Isa. 43:3,  43:15,  64:8;   Jer. 10:10, 17:13;   Matt. 6:9, 7:9, 7:11,
7:19, 7:23, 7:28;  Mark :9-11;   John 4:24, 5:26, 14:6-13, 17:1-8;
Acts 1:7; Rom. 8:14-15;  1 Cor. 8:6; Gall. 4:6; Eph. 4:6; Col. 1:15;
1 Tim. 1:17;  Heb. 11:6, 11:9, 11:12;  1 Peter 1:17;  1 John 5:7
                                  B. God the Son
     Christ is the  eternal son of  God.   In his incarnation as  Jesus
Christ he was conceived of the  Holy Spirit and born of the virgin
Mary.   Jesus  perfectly  revealed and did the will of  God, taking
upon himself the demands and necessities of human nature and
identifying himself  completely with  mankind yet without sin. He
honored the devine  law  by his  personal  obedience, and  in his
death on he cross he made provision for the redemption of men
from sin. He was raised from the dead with a glorified body and
appeared  to  his  disciples as  the  person  who  was  with them
before  his  crucifixion.   He  ascended  into  heaven  and is  now
exsalted at the right hand of God where he is the one mediator
partaking  of the  nature  of   God  and  of  man,  and  in  whose
person is effected the the reconciliation between God and man.
He will return in  power and in  glory to  judge the  world and to
consummate  his  redemptive  mission.   He   now   dwells  in  all
believers as the living and ever present Lord.
     Found in    Gen. 18:1;    Psalm 2:7,  110:1;     Isa. 7:14,  7:53;
Matt. 1:18-23,  3:17,  8:29, 11:27, 14:33,  16:16,  16:19, 16:27,
28:1-6; Mark 1:1, 1:3, 1:11; Luke 1:35, 1:4, 1:41, 22:70, 24:46;
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16:15-16, 16:28,  17:1-5, 17:21-22, 20:1-20, 20:28;     Acts 1:9,
2:22-24,  7:55-56,  9:4-5,  9:20;   Rom. 1:3-4,  3:23-26,  5:6-21,
8:1-3,  8:34,  10:4;    1 Cor. 1:30,   2:2,  8:6,  15:1-8,   15:24-28;
2 Cor. 5:19-21, Gal. 4:4-5, Eph. 1:20, 3:11, 4:7-10, Phil. 2:5-11;
Col. 1:13-22,   2:9;      1 Thess. 4:14-18;       1 Tim. 2:5-6,   3:16; 
Titus 2:13-14,  Heb. 1:1-3, 4:14-15, 7:14-28, 9:12-15, 9:24-28,
12:2, 13:8;   1 Peter 2:21-25, 3:22;   1 John 1:7-9, 3:2, 4:14-15,
5:9;   2 John 7:9;    Rev. 1:13-16, 5:9-14, 12:10-11, 13:8, 19:16
                           C. God the Holy Spirit
     The Holy Spirit is the  Spirit of God.   He inspired holy men of
old to  write  the  Scriptures.  Through  illumination  he  enables
men to  understand  truth.   He  exalts  Christ.   He  calls men to
the   Saviour,  and effects regeneration.  He cultivates Christian
character,  comforts believers,  and  bestows the  spiritual gifts
by which  they  serve   God  through  his  church.   He  seals the
believer unto the day of  final  redemption.   His presence in the 
Christian is  the  assurance  of   God to  bring  the  believer in to
the   fulness  of  the   stature  of    Christ.    He   enlighens   and 
empowers the breliever and the church in worship, evangelism,
and service.
     Found in    Gen. 1:2;   Judg. 14:6;    Job 26:13;   Psalm 51:11,
139:7;     Isa. 61:1-3,     Joel 2:28-32;      Matt. 1:18,   3:16,  4:1,
12:38-32, 28:19;  Mark 110:12;  Luke 1:35, 4:1, 4:18-19, 11:13,
12:12,   24:49;   John 4:24,  14:16-17,   14:26,  15:26,  16:7-14;
Acts 1:8,  2:1-4, 2 :38,  4:31,  5:3,  6:3,  7:55, 8:17, 8:39, 10:44,
13:2,  15:28,  16:6,  19:1-6;     Rom. 8:9-11,   8:14-16,  8:26-27;
1 Cor. 2:10-14,  3:16,  12:3-11;    Gal. 4:6;    Eph. 1:13-14, 4:30,
5:18;  1 Thess. 5:19;  1 Tim. 3:16;  Heb. 9:8, 9:14;  2 Peter 1:21;
1 John 4:13, 5:6-7; Rev. 1:10, 22:17 

                                      III Man
     Man was created by the special act of God, in his own image,
and is the  crowning  work of  his creation.  In the begining man
was  innocent  of  sin  and  was  endowed  by  his   creator  with
freedom of choice.   By his free choice  man sinned against  God
and brought  sin into the  human race.  Through  the temptation
of  Satan man transgressed the command of  God, and fell from
his  original innocence;  whereby his  posterity  inherited  nature
and an  environment inclined  toward  sin,  and  as  soon as they
are  capable  of  moral  action  become   transgressors  and  are
under condemnation.  Only the grace of  God can bring man into
his   holy   fellowship  and   enable   man   to   fulfill   the  creative
purpose  of  God.    The   sacredness  of    human   personality  is
evident  in  that   God   created   man   in  his  own  image, and in
that   Christ   died   for  man;   therefore   every  man  possesses
dignity and is worthy of respect and Christian love.
     Found in   Gen. 1:26-30, 2:5, 2:7, 2:18-22, 3:9-6;    Psalm 1:1,
8:3-6,   32:1-5,    51:5;       Isa. 6:5,      Jer. 17:5;       Matt. 16:26;
Acts 17:26-31;     Rom. 1:19-32,   3:10-18,3:23,  5:6, 5:12,  5:19,
6:6,  7:14-25,  8:14-18,  8:29;  1 Cor. 1:19-32, 1:15-19,  1:21-22,
Eph. 2:1-22;   Col. 1:21-22; 3:9-11
                                 IV Salvation
     Salvation  involves the  redemption of the whole man,  and is
offered  freely   to  all  who  accept   Jesus  Christ  as   Lord  and
Savior,  who  by  his  own  blood  obtained  eternal  redempttion
for  the   believer.   In   its   broadest   sense   salvation  includes
regeneration, sanctification, and glorification.
     A:    Regeneration,  or  the  new   birth,  is  a  work  of  God's
grace  whereby   believers   become   new  creatures  in   Christ
Jesus.   It  is  a  change  of  heart   wrought  by  the   Holy Spirit
through  conviction   of  sin,   to  which   the  sinner  responds in
repentance toward  God  and  faith  in  the  Lord Jesus Christ. 
    Repentance   and   faith   are    inseparable   experiences   of
grace. Repentance is  a genuine  turning  from  sin toward God.
Faith is  the  acceptance  of  Jesus Christ andcommitment of the
entire  personality  to  him  as  Lord  and  Saviour.   Justification
brings the believar  into a relationship of  peace and  favor with
     B:    Sanctification     is    the      experience,     beginning    in
regeneration,   by  which   the believer   is  set  apart  of  God's
purposes,  an   is  enabled   to   progress   toward    moral   and
spiritual  perfection through  the  presence  and  power  of  the
Holy Spirit  dwelling  in  him.  Growth in  grace  should  continue
throughout the regenerate person's life.
     C:    Glorification  is  the  culmination  of  salvation  and is the
fimal blessed and abiding state of the redeemed. 
     Found in      Gen. 3:15;      Ex. 3:14-17,     6:2-8;    Matt. 1:21,
4:17,   16:21-26,   27:22,     28:6;        Luke 1:68-69,     2:28-32; 
John 1:11-14,   1:29,   3:3-21,    3:36,    5:24,    10:9,  10:28-29,
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8:1-18,  8:29-39,  10:9-10, 10:13, 13:11-14;  1 Cor. 1:18,  1:30,
6:19-20,  15:10;      2 Cor. 5:17-20;     Gal. 2:20,  3:13,  5:22-25,
6:15;   Eph. 1:7,  2:8-22,  4:11-16;     Phil. 2:12-13;  Col. 1:9-22,
3:1;        1 Thess. 5:23-24;          2 Tim. 1:12;         Titus 2:11-14;
Heb. 2:1-3,      5:8-9,       9:24-28,      11:1-12,      11:8,     11:14;
James 2:14-26;               1 Peter 1:2-23,             1 John 1:6-2:11;
Rev. 3:20, 21:1-22:5
                               V The Church
     A  New Testament church of he  Lord Jesus Christ is  a  local
body  of baptized  believeres who  are associated by  covenant
in  the   faith  and   fellowship   of    the   gospel,  observing  the
ordinances  of  Christ,  committed  to  his  teachings, exercising
the   gifts,    rights,  and    privileges   invested    in  them  by his
word, and  seeking  to  extend  the  gospel  to  the ends of the
     This  church  is  an   autonomous  body,  operating  through 
democratic  process   under  the  Lordship  of  Jesus Christ.  In
such  a  congregation  members  are  equally  responsible.   Its
Scriptural officers are pastors and decons.
     The   New Testament   speaks  also  of  the   church  as  the
body  of   Christ  which  includes   all   of  the  redeemed  of  all
the ages. 
     Given in        Matt. 16:15-19,        18:15-20;      Acts 2:41-42,
2:47,   5:11-14,   6:3-6,  13:1-3,  14:23,  14:27,  15:1-30,  16:5,
20:28;    Rom. 1:7; 1    Cor. 1:2,   3:16,   5:4-5,   7:17,  9:13-14; 
Phil. 1:1;    Col. 1:18,;    1 Tim. 3:1-15,    4:14;      1 Peter 5:1-4,
Rev. 2:3, 21:2-3
                       VI Baptism And The Lord's Supper
     Christian  baptism is the immersion of a believer in  water in
the  name of the  Father, the  Son, and the  Holy Spirit. It is an
act of obedience symbolizing the  berlievers faith in a crucified,
buried, old life, and the  resurrection to walk in newness of life
in  Christ  Jesus.   It  is  a  testimony   to  his   faith  in   the final
resurrection  of  the  dead.   Being   a  church   ordinance,  it  is
prerequisite  to  the  privileges  of  church  and  to  the   Lord's
     The  Lord's  supper  is  a  symbolic act of  obedience  where
by  members  of the  church,  through  partaking  of the bread
and  the  fruit   of   the   vine,   memorialize   the  death  of  the
redeemer and anticipate his seccond coming.
     Given in   Matt. 3:13-17, 26:26-30,  28:19-20;  Mark 1:9-11,
14:22-26;   Luke 3:21-22, 22:19-20; John 3:23: Actes 2:41-42,
8:35-39,  16:30-33,  20:7;    Rom. 6:3-5,   1Cor. 10:16,   10:21, 
11:23-29; Col. 2:12
                               VII The Lord's Day
     The first day of the week is the Lord's Day. It is a Christian
institution   for   regular  observance.   It  commemorates  the
resurrection and  spiritual  devotion,  both  public  and  private
and   by  refraining  from  worldly  amussements,  and  resting
from secular employments, work of necessity and  mercy only
being excepted.
     Given in   Ex. 20:8-11;   Matt. 12:1-12, 28:1;  Mark 2:27-28,
16:1-7;   Luke 24:1-3,  33:36;   John 4:21-24,  20:1,  20:19-28;
Acts 20:7;   1 Cor. 16:1-2;   Col. 2:16, 3:16;   Rev. 1:10
                               VIII The Kingdom
     The kingdom of  God includes  both  his  general soverignty
over the universe and his  particular  kingship  over  men who
willfully acknowlede  him as  king.  Particularly  the kingdom is
the   realm  of  salvation  into  which   men  enter  by  trustful,
childlike  commitment  to  Jewsus Christ.  Christians  ought  to
pray and to labor that  the dingsom  may  come and God's will
be  done  on  earth.  The  full  consummation  of  the  kingdom
awaits  the return of Jesus Christ and the end of this age.
     Given in    Genn. 1:1;    Isa. 9:6-7;    Jer. 23:5-6,   Matt. 3:2,
4:8-10, 4:43,  8:1, 9:2,  12:31-32, 17:20-21, 23:42;   John 3:3,
18:36; Acts 1:6-7, 17:22-31; Rom. 5:17, 8:19; 1 Cor. 15:24-28
Col. 1:13;   Heb. 11:10,  11:16,  12:28;   1 Peter 2:4-10,   4:13;
Rev. 1:6, 1:9, 5:10, 11:15, 11:21-22
                               IX Last Thing 
     God,  in his  own time  and  in  his  own way,  will  bring  the
world  to   it's  appropriate  end.   According  to  his   promises,
Jesus Christ  will return  personally and visibly  in  glory  to the
earth; the dead will  be reaised; and  Christ  will  judge all men
in  rihgteousness.  The unrighteous  will be  consigned to  Hell,
the  place  of  everlasting  punishment.  The  righteousin  their
resurrected and glorified bodies will  receive their reward and
will dwell forever in Heaven with the Lord.
     Given in  Isa. 2:4,11:9;   Matt. 16:27, 18:8-9, 19:28,  24:27, 
24:27,  24:30,  24:36,  24:44,  25:31-46,   26:64;    Mark  8:38,
9:43-48;  Luke 12:40,  12:48, 16:19-26,  17:22-37,   21:27-28;
John 14:1-3;    Acts 1:11,    17:31;     Rom. 14:10,     1 Cor. 4:5,
15:24-28,  15:35-58;    2 Cor. 5:10;      Phil. 3:20-21;    Col. 1:5,
3:4;    1 Thess. 4:14-18, 5;1;     2 Thess. 1:7, 2:1;   1 Tim. 6:14;
2 Tim. 4:1,   4:8;     Titus 2:13;       Heb. 9:27-28;      James 5:8;
2 Peter 3:7;     1 John 2:28, 3:2;    Jude 14:1;   Rev. 1:18, 3:11,
20:1, 22:13 
                          X Evangelism and Missions
     It is the duty and privilege ao every  follower of  Christ and
of every church of the Lord  Jesus Christ to endeavor to make
disciples of all nations.  The new birth of man's spirit by  God's
Holy   Spirit  means  the  birth  of  love  for  others.  Missionary
effort  on thepart  of all  rests  thus  upon  a spirtual necessity
of  the   regenerate  life,   and  is   expressly   and   repeatedly
commanded  in  the  teachings  of    Christ.   It  is  the  duty  of
every child of God to seek  constantly to  win the lost to Christ
by personal effort and by all  other methods   in harmony with
the gospel of Chrrist.
     Given in Gen. 12:1-3; Ex. 19:5-6; Isa. 6:1-8;  Matt. 9:37-38,
10:5-15,   13:18-30,    13:37-43,    16:19,     22:9-10,      24:14,
28:18-20;   Luke 10:1-18,  24:46-53;   John 14:11-12,  15:7-8, 
15;16, 17:15, 20:21;  Acts 1:8, 2:1, 8:26-40, 10:42-48, 13:2-3; 
Rom. 10:13-15;     Eph. 3:1-11;     1 Thess. 1:8;        2 Tim. 4:5;
Heb. 2:1-3, 11:39, 12:2;   I Peter 2:4-10;   Rev. 22:17
                               X Education
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