Get On The Bus!

Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but  whoever loses  his life
for My sake will find it.  Matthew 16:25
A man who habitually slept as long as he could every  morning awoke one day
even later than usual.Looking  at the clock, he jumped out of bed, threw on
some clothes, splashed cold water on his face,  quickly  combed  his  hair,
gulped  down  a glass of milk, grabbed his briefcase, gave his  wife a kiss
as he ran out the door, and raced to catch  the bus. He barely got on it as
it  began to  pull  away.  Dropping a coin in the meter, he walked down the
aisle  toward  a  seat.  Suddenly   he  looked around    and   breathlessly
blurted out, "Where's  this  bus going anyway?"
This story  reminds me of many people today.  Taken  up  with  the  rush of
everyday  activities, they  neglect to make sure where  they're headed even
if   their   going   in   the   right direction.  What  direction  are  you
headed!  There  is one  bus   although run  down,  not   very  pretty,  and
definitly  not  having  a party going on  inside,  but the  people  on this
bus  are   praising   the   Lord  and reading   their  Bibles while setting
at the bus  stop. Not many people  get on  this bus  which is marked Narrow
Road  as  its  destination.  The  bus next  to  it  is  shiny and  big with
what  looks  like a great party  going on  inside, many people  get on this
bus    marked    Wide  Road   as  its destination.  Everyone  is having fun
and  not   watching   where   the  bus driver  is  headed, turning  on Wide
Rd. some   seem  to  notice  or  feel somthing  is wrong  but  there having
to  much  so  called  fun  to  see the driver  go over  the  cliff  at  the
end  of  Wide Rd..  Now  everyone  is trying  to get  off  the  bus but, it
is  to  late.  If  you   are    paying attention  or  if  someone who knows
the  way  is  giving  you   derictions to  the bus stop  to Narrow Rd., You
might  just  want  to  take  the time to  listen  or  think  where  you are
Do  you know  what direction  you're headed?  If  you're  on  the  route of
fulfilling  your selfish desires and pleasures (Wide Rd.), wake  up and ask
yourself, "Where's my  life going? Am I headed in  the wrong direction?" If
you  are,  reverse   your  course   by confessing your  sin  to  Christ and
asking for His  forgiveness. Surrender your  whole life to Him, and let Him
take the  controls  (Mt. 16:24). Then you'll be on the  road of joy in this
life (Narrow Rd.),  and you will  have eternal reward  in the life to come.
We leave earth's  joys to seek in Him The  good  that   earth  can't  give;
When  fellowship  with  God is  found, Then  we begin to live. Many  people
are  making  good  time, but  they're  going   the  wrong  way.

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